Aircraft Cargo Nets and Cockpit Organizer

Mountain Wave Aviation produces cargo nets with attached cockpit organizers designed for use in the cabins of all Cessna 170s, 180s, 182s, 185s and 206s.

We use high quality materials and components commonly used in the commercial aviation industry.


News: Mountain Wave Aviation was recently purchased by Ron and Tracy Morcom and relocated to Everett, WA. We will continue to use the same high-quality materials and manufacturing standards used by the previous owner.

Stock Color Black

Shown with camo net and
complimenting organizer colors



High-quality cargo nets greatly enhance the safety of your flight by preventing any baggage from coming forward into the cockpit, especially in the event of an emergency.


Keep all of your documents and equipment neat and organized. De-clutter your cockpit!


We use high-quality, ultra-durable materials so that you your net lasts a long time and gives you quality service.


From Our Customers:

Pretty slick and easy install. I thought it was going to be a hassle and get in the way all the time, but now that it’s installed, I find the combination of attachment fittings quick and easy to use no matter how much access I need to the back of the airplane. I haven’t flown with it yet but I’m looking forward to seeing if it makes the plane go faster 🙂

Tim H.
1973 Cessna 180J

Ron! The cargo net was AWESOME! We did not expect to appreciate the organizer on the front as much as we do, and the net provided great peace of mind for the near severe turbulence we encountered on much of our trip West. Thanks again for making it happen.

Steve J.
1955 Cessna 180

Thank you all so much for getting my short notice order out! It turned out great!!

Brian M.
1955 Cessna 180

The new cargo net fits perfectly and looks great. Your craftsmanship is excellent. I am very pleased and we will enjoy the enhanced safety for years to come.

Steve D.
1969 Cessna A185E

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